Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Anonymouses

For whatever reason one of my older postings is being bombarded by anonymouses.
NO you may not use the information on my blog without my permission.
NO I will not be visiting your web pages, they have nothing to do with my interests in sewing, quilting, genealogy.
The content of this blog belongs to me and most everything here (and at my other blogs) is my own design/thought process or used with permission from others.

December 5th 2012
Since writing this post it has been brought to my attention that someone is teaching about blog/web writing and hosting. That is wonderful. However there are issues here. Bloggers and web-masters should have been notified ahead of time what was happening and permission requested to use specific postings as examples. An issue has arisen with the multiple comments to the postings. "Anonymouses" asking for feedback to their own web sites or asking questions have not been leaving e-mail contact information.

I think it is great that people are being shown how to write blogs and set up web-sites however a number of the anonymous participants have sites that I cannot recommend to others due to content that I do not agree with or is not compatible with my own interests or religious beliefs. Some are also blocked or have been taken down because of questionable content.

I will reiterate something I have already written. All content of this, or any of my other blogs, belongs to me. Anyone wanting to use said content has to contact me directly through e-mail. I have sought for and gained permission, where possible, from other bloggers when using any of their information.

Carol H.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday - Road Trip through Ireland #3

Lots of whimsical statues can be seen while traveling round Ireland. I loved this one at Mount Stewart House & Gardens in the Dodo Terrace :)

For those of you celebrating in the USA may you have a fun and safe 4th July. God bless teh men & women who work hard to keep us safe in all circumstances.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday - Road Trip Through Ireland #2

Our first week-end on the Emerald Isle was spent in Northern Ireland near Belfast. It takes about 4+ hours to drive from Shannon airport to where we were staying. Lovely drive. One of the first things we noticed as we were traveling along was statues in seemingly random places. A life size blue ox with its rear end to traffic, a huge spiral rod, various pieces of mathematical symbols, but the one we liked the most is called "the Wibbly Wobbly House" according to one of John's friends from there. I would love to know more about it so if anyone can fill me in please do so.

A number of the roundabouts also had statues which was fun to see. 

My favorite business "statue" was this one near Galway. Reminded me of my past life as a Bathroom/Kitchen designer :)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday - Road trip through Ireland #1

We recently returned from visiting my family in Scotland and touring parts of Ireland for our vacation. We have never been to Ireland before and had a delightful time. As always so many things to see and experience with too little time to cover everything. We are looking forward to another visit at some point.

We landed at Shannon airport, picked up our rental car and drove to Belfast. Scenery was gorgeous and the weather delightful. As we were getting closer to our destination we drove through an interesting bridge. We also drove through it on our return from Belfast to Dublin.

Word of caution. If you want to take a ferry from Ireland to Scotland you cannot take your rental car.

A common sight wherever we went - fields of cows. Lots of different colors and types. Some in grassy fields, others amidst rocky outcrops.

I'll share more of our adventures over the next few Wednesdays.

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