Friday, September 25, 2009

Pay It Forward

If you feel inclined to participate in the PIF fun this is all you have to do. Sign up at this posting. (I need at least three people.) If more sign up I will do a drawing.
If you are chosen you then have to do a PIF at your blog asking people to participate, and display the logo. You send a personally made item to three people from your event,within a year.
The three people I choose from this, or my other blog, posting will receive a gift made by moi by September 2010.

Exchange Heaven - Autumn wall hanging

This is the little wall hanging I made for the Autumn exchange at Exchange Heaven. Hopefully it has reached it's recipient by now.
The beads spell out autumn.
The cross stitch center is a pattern from DMC. I changed the colors and used regular DMC cotton instead of linen (which I don't have yet.)

Other updates - My newest project has proven to be awkward. I'm about to rip it out ..... again, and then it will be back in the "hopeful" pile. I'm going to concentrate on Cirque Des Carreaux and the LofS friendship blocks till they are finished. Most of this week has been spent doing quilt projects, some of which you can see at my other blog.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Babette visits - Wimpole Hall

There are animals at this lovely house that are SMALLER than me :) Missus H. said they are called snails. I wanted to swim in the Bath House but no water. Sadness.
A very old lady lived in this very big house for a very long time. Mrs. Elsie Bambridge. Her daddy wrote books - someone called Rudyard Kipling. Missus H. says I would enjoy reading his words.
There are scary monsters at this place. Big, big, big, with four legs, long, long, hair and huge horns. Maybe thems what makes the floorboards creak?

Where did We Begin? (an apology)

I'm having a bad reading/linking day.
For those of you linking to the Where Did We Begin? quilting stories from please go to
For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about it's a whooooole lot of fun. You should participate :)

As for my weekly up-date. I've been finishing up swaps and sending them off. No photos till they arrive at the other end.

I am one of the three lucky recipients of a PIF from Elisa (link on my sidebar). I am thrilled to say the least. She does some fabulous stitching. Come back next Friday if you want to enter in my PIF :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

A day to remember and reflect

And the winner is ..........

Carolyn NC.
Congratulations to you. Please contact me with your address and Babette will waddle on over to the post office to mail it to you :)
Carolyn has a nice blog and the saga of her dog and cat is hilarious.
Thanks to everyone else that participated.

Babette visits the Gower Peninsula

I got to visit the sea. Whoopee !!!!!!! Sadness, the tide was out :( But we had a mighty fine, looooooong walk. Missus H. carried me in her lunchbox so I would not scare the big, furry creatures with four legs !!!!!! I saw some distant relatives but it was too windy to climb down to visit (the seals) and Missus H. would have hard time climbing back up. It was very far down and I felt dizzy looking over the edge. Do you like my sitting place? Lovely view and good resting place for tired little me. I sat and sniffed the sea air while everyone else ate ice-cream. Little penguins don't like ice-cream and I had huuuuge piece of fish later.

Update on project for Exchange Heaven

Well the cross stitch section went just fine but the putting together of the original concept turned into a disaster. I was trying to make a book but I used the wrong glue and the cover is basically only fit for the trash can. Aaaaargh.
"Necessity (as I hear say) is the mother of invention" so idea #2 is almost completed and will probably go out in the mail sometime next week.
I've been super busy with some other things so was not able to do any more to Cirque Des Carreaux :( Having said that Christmas is coming so I started making a gift. It's biiiiiiiiig, but simple (I hope).

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Babette" on vacation

Missus H. let me travel on the plane with her which was good thing 'cause her luggage got searched and I might have scared the searching man.
All the humans went on a trip round a place called London while I slept in the hotel. Good thing too because I not like going up high and they went on something called The Eye and climbed into the Whispering Gallery and, and, and .........
I was soooo excited when I woke up and saw ROCKS. BIIIIIIIIIG rocks. I don't know how I got there but I had a comfy bed in Mrs H. lunchbox.
Mr. H had to hold on to me because it was windy and since I am just a little penguin I might have blowed away.
So this is Stonehenge and since no-one knows why these lovely rocks are sitting there I have a story for you.

Long, long time ago many penguins decided to build a model of main penguins. They slid lots of lovely rocks over the ice from faraway place and dug many holes with their beaks. After that they were too tired to add the heads and paint the bodies. The end.

Missus H. says I can make BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. She is doing teeny, tiny, giveaway at end of todays blog entries.
Missus H. what's a blog?

A proper finish - Garden Prince

I finally decided what I wanted to do with "Garden Prince" by Just Nan.
It is now another addition to my ever growing collection of door knob hangers. One of these years I need to get a bit more original and work out another way to display them !!!!!!!
So I used some of my bamboo batting to pad the layers, did a double row of machine stitching and yes, yet another frayed edge:) I have plans for the linen I pulled off and the left over beads.

Update on Cirque Des Carreaux and some other projects

Gollee the fabric holes are tiny. My own fault for wanting to do a mini version :)
Before I went on vacation I got all the background squares done. Now I am filling in.
3 sections got done this week.
I'm using DMC #320 for those areas I want to be green then I'll move onto another color after that.

I'm almost finished making my swap for the Exchange Heaven group Autumn/Halloween swap. All I will say is this. It involves leaves and raffia and does not say Boo :)

A small giveaway

Babette - Can I tell them? Can I tell them?
Mrs. H - Yes you may.

Babette - Christmas is coming and Mrs. H has lovely gift/kit to give to you. She says it is called "Candle Bougie" and if I grow another 3/4" I will be the same size at it !!!!!

Mrs. H can you tell the rest?

Leave a comment on this blog entry by Thursday or send me an e-mail. Next Friday I might let Babette announce the winner :) Make sure I have a way to contact you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Babette to Missus H

Babette - Missus H. when are we going to show the lovely people my holiday pictures?
Missus H. - Soon Babette, soon.
Babette - When is soon?
Missus H. - How about on Friday?
Babette - Why not today?
Missus H. - Because I have decided to only up-date on Fridays and there is a problem with some of the pictures.
Missus H. - Some of them did not turn out and some of them are fuzzy.
Babette - Oh Missus H. I don't mind fuzzy. I still want to let the lovely people know about my holiday.
Missus H. - Okay. Would you like a spot every Friday for the next few weeks?
Babette - Oooooooh, please and can I show them my friend Bert? (Much bouncing up and down and clapping of flippers.)
Missus H. - Maybe at the end.
Babette - Missus H. I like my new spot in your sewing room. Can I show people that as well?
Missus H. - Mmmmmmm. I'll have to think about that.
Babette - Sounds like I may have to wait for a while.
Missus H. - You got that right :)