Monday, March 28, 2011

Edythe Anne's Heart - all thumbs

Edythe Anne sent me the PDF pattern and kit to make one of her hearts. (One of the gifts I won at OWOH 2011). I'm trying to make it but I confess I am all thumbs. Trying to hold batting in place round the wire heart form and hand sew fabric at the same time just got me frustrated. Sooooo I rethought the process.

I cut some narrow strips of batting and wrapped them round the heart form. I cut a longer piece of fabric, folded it to find the center, and starting at the top of the heart I am working my way round to the bottom. Instead of trying to hold everything together as I sew I have pinned everything down. Now I can spend some time getting my hand stitching done without getting frustrated :) Since my heart might be getting viewed from the back all the fancy bits are going to be stitched on top of the seam.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jerry Kreinik - a legend in his lifetime

He will be missed by many. I think he will be missed the most by the children he helped learn to read and stitch.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hearts For Christchurch

Grab your needles, thread and fabric. A world wide event has started to explode into action. Hearts, hearts, and more hearts and you can help.
Please support Evie Harris in her endeavor to provide a heart to as many Christchurch residents as possible. There also might be an exhibition ..... how cool is that !!!!!
I have a stack ready to stitch together.
Hop on over to to find out what you can do and where to send.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Condolences- The Primitive Needle

Condolences to the family of The Primitive Needle designer and owner Lisa Roswell. She was swept away in her car on the way to work and her body was recovered out of Lake Huron yesterday. Her daughter Mariah has left a message at

Newspaper reports can be found at
We should also keep dispatcher Tacy Bond in our prayers as she tries to recover from the trauma of this accident.