Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Dance - siggie blocks

I've mentioned in past posts that I am participating in a siggie block exchange at the Lady of Steeles Hand Embroidery group. The number of participants seems to have settled down (some dropped out) and we have to make 24 blocks. I finished up stitching all the celtic knots this week and now just have to add in my signature.
Each knot is approx. 5"x31/2" and took about 2 hours each to stitch. I made the blocks larger than required so I would have something to hold while I sewed and I will leave it up to each of the recipients to trim to whatever new size they want.
Now I am getting ready to make Christmas presents/exchanges and have picked out a few patterns from my collection of Christmas cross-stitch books. Most of the items will be small tree ornaments but I also found a few small samplers that I want to try.
Cirque Des Carreaux, poor thing, is languishing, pining away in my projects drawer. I will start back to it this week. Maybe I should set myself a deadline?


  1. Your knots are lovely, I think making the fabric a bit bigger was a great idea.

  2. 24 of the same block? You are very patient. :) They are nice though...

    And by the way, thanks for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.


  3. Lovely knots...this will make a very nice quilt!


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