Friday, April 23, 2010

Birds in a Tree project finishes

We had unexpected guests this week courtesy of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. They had been at the same conference as John in Atlanta and were unable to return to the Netherlands so they stayed with us.

I finished stitching my Birds in a Tree and so far have made 3 of them into little gifts.

A long mini pillow 11"x4"
A small square pillow with a quilted back51/2"x51/2"
A little door hanger  4"x4"

I'm contemplating a pin keep or a flat fold for the last one.


  1. Carol your finishing is just beautiful!

  2. You do such beautiful work Carol. You are a true artist! xxoo

  3. Those are really cute...I love them. Good Job. Congratulations on your finishes.

  4. Beautiful, you finish so well.

  5. I love them all - great finishes!

  6. Congrats on the lovely finishes!

  7. Oh my gosh!! What gorgeous finishes--and finishing! Thanks for sharing where you got the chart, too.


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