Friday, June 18, 2010

Lady of Steeles Hand Embroidery Crafts - SS swap

I got a box in the mail this week. My son helped me open it and it was hot and steamy :) After letting things cool off for a wee while this is what we discovered and oohed and aahed over. Thanks to Linda (who also lives in Tennessee) for making me feel like Christmas had come many times over :) My husband was amazed !!!!
Oh look a tortoise ironing. Might it be a reference to the fact that I joke about being such a slow poke with my projects :)
I don't drink espresso but I love the towel, a great way to visually jump start my brain. The pincushion is made of felt and already comes armed with pins for my next project.
I'm already using the bag for my crochet traveling project and it has been seen out and about a couple of times.
The embroidery on the gardening gloves is gorgeous. Too good to dirty up so maybe I'll have to think up a way of displaying them.
Lots of needles, embroidery thread, a pretty pin and some other fun items. Linda also made the card.
My package is off in the mail and should get there some time next week. I have photographs but they will have to wait.


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  2. Oh, this box is full of treasures. It really likes Christmas in summer :) I can imagine it was a wonderful feeling opening and discovering every piece of it :)

  3. Hi Carol :) Tks so much for visiting my Blog and for your well wishes. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!!! My Husband and I are originally from the great State of TN ... Knoxville to be exact :) We hope to someday return "home." God Bless :)


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