Monday, March 28, 2011

Edythe Anne's Heart - all thumbs

Edythe Anne sent me the PDF pattern and kit to make one of her hearts. (One of the gifts I won at OWOH 2011). I'm trying to make it but I confess I am all thumbs. Trying to hold batting in place round the wire heart form and hand sew fabric at the same time just got me frustrated. Sooooo I rethought the process.

I cut some narrow strips of batting and wrapped them round the heart form. I cut a longer piece of fabric, folded it to find the center, and starting at the top of the heart I am working my way round to the bottom. Instead of trying to hold everything together as I sew I have pinned everything down. Now I can spend some time getting my hand stitching done without getting frustrated :) Since my heart might be getting viewed from the back all the fancy bits are going to be stitched on top of the seam.

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