Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - The King's Knot

One of the first places we visited when we were in Scotland was Stirling Castle. This is one of my favorite views - "The King's Knot" know locally as "The Cup and Saucer". It is located on the Dumbarton Road near King's Park. This is what is left of a 16th century garden that was (supposedly) built on the site of a medieval jousting arena. The whole area that you see in the photograph was originally part of an extensive royal hunting ground c. 12th thru 17th centuries.
There are two very distinct sections to the King's Knot. The lower section was a "parterre" (a system of hedges, paths and flower beds) and the raised 9 ft high, section was a characteristic feature of gardens in the 16/17th centuries. According to old records there was hedges and canals in the Knot. Renovations and alterations have been done over the centuries.
Historic Scotland looks after the Knot and recently provided a grant (along with Stirling City Heritage Trust) for a geophysical survey to be taken. The aim is to try and find out more about this landmarks ancient history and maybe what "lies below".


  1. How cool. What a great pic too!!!

  2. Yay, thanks for the reminders. I have prompted mr o to take a camping trip so that we can go visit Stirling castle next month, cant wait.


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