Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An alphabet sampler

I'm taking part in an exchange using the alphabet so I am going to use it as a small practice piece for a sampler I am designing.
The fabric is (cool tan) 28ct. evenweave from M.C.G. Textiles. The stitch is over two using Designs For Needle 1 strand 100% cotton floss, dark orange. I was originally going to do the alphabet over 1 but after about 4 letters my eyes were about crossing over and getting sore :)
Because this is going to be a small piece I opted not to sew the lower case lettering.
I really like the feel of the fabric but it frays like the dickens so when I cut it down to do the rest of the design I need to remember to tape the edges.


  1. Lovely alphabet. Looking forward to see your sampler.

  2. Thanks ladies. I enjoyed sewing it up.I have a few ideas running through my head for the sampler, I think I need to write them down before I forget :)


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