Friday, May 22, 2009

Pincushion Summer Swap 09

Woohoo, let the fun begin!!!!! 

I got my information from Sandra today. This is not a straight swap so I have no idea who I am receiving from. If you have not been to Sandra's site you should take a visit and look at the different blogs of those participating. Very interesting. Since I cannot get the link thing within a post to be consistent you will have to go through my side bar :)

I know what my recipient likes/dislikes but won't spoil the fun by telling.  I think I may do a cross stitch front and a "quiltie" back. Has to be sent out by June 21st.

That, people, is all you are going to here from me about the swap till after it is received at the other end then there will be pictures :)

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day "week-end" (USA) or Spring Bank Holiday (UK).

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