Friday, August 14, 2009

Everything Jane Austen Challenge - #1 completed

During our 3 weeks in Britain we had the opportunity to visit a number of castles, stately homes and manors courtesy of our Royal Oak Foundation family membership pass.
Two of the houses we visited are featured in "Pride and Prejudice" -Sudbury Hall and Lyme Park. Both were used to re-create parts of Pemberley, Lyme Park for the exterior and lake, Sudbury for interiors.
We also drove round Bath where Jane Austen lived for a while but could not find a parking spot to stop and walk.
We bought two books about the filming of Jane Austen novels for TV and movies and should be finished with them soon. Very interesting.


  1. Hi Carol

    Thank you for your comments on my blog... what a shame you could stop off in Bath, its a wonderful city. I was there when there was a students busking week and all the students were playing a variety of musical instruments, it was amazing I lost my friends when I stayed amd watched one quartet, but it was too good to leave. I dipped a toe in one of the public baths just to say I had! it must have been like our Aussie trip in the spring a wonderful holiday for you.
    And you had time for stitching?? Well done.
    Hope all is well in your world back home.
    Happy Stitching and Blessings
    Chris x

  2. Thanks for stopping by Chris. All is well here. We enjoyed our holiday. I've been to Bath before. Great place to visit.


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