Friday, August 14, 2009

With friendship and love

To all you sweet angels out there who lighten and brighten the lives of those in need.
I know a number of people locally, at a distance and on-line who have serious issues in their lives. I have been greatly impressed by the compassion extended toward them, so to all of you a gift of a rose breaking into full beauty.
This is my way of sharing the award that Micki extended to myself and some others. Hope you are okay with that Micki and that your current health issue will improve.


  1. That is very sweet of you. I think stitchers are the most caring people in the world and always there to lend a shoulder, share a laugh or just be a friend when one is needed.

  2. Thank you,we might never meet and only ever be cyber friends that doesn't stop us from caring about one another as some say we are all stitching sisters

  3. Thanky ladies. You are both right about the caring attitudes of stitching sisters :)


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