Friday, November 13, 2009

An interesting blog

I know some of you like working with felt and while I was trolling round "internet land" I came across a charming site.
Our dog had surgery recently and is doing well but I have not got much stitching done this week. Finished a couple more of the little wreaths and that's about it.
Looks like I need to get another background for my blog. When I checked in today my new one had disappeared. One of these days I really need to work out an interesting header. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
We've been getting a number of quotes over the past couple of weeks for windows and foundation work (sun room and porch) which have been quite time consuming. Next week we have a whole house check being done. We live in a 70's style ranch on a slope, which takes a bit of time to measure and provide estimates for.

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