Thursday, May 27, 2010

A repurposed antique

I love this piece of embroidery. It was done by my great aunt and looks similar on both sides. It is a tea pot cover/warmer and was used on special occasions.
One day I was taking a closer look at it and realized it had been re-purposed. When I looked at the inside seams I saw it had originally been a long rectangular table runner that had been cut down and sewn back together. There is another table runner somewhere that matches it. You can still see some of the embroidery in the seams.
I'm contemplating taking some of the pieces from my collection that have been stained and re-using them so that they can have a second life :)


  1. Carol your Great Aunts piece is just beautiful!

  2. Re-purposing is a wonderful way to extend the life on beautiful things that otherwise would never be used or seen much because of tears and stains. What a wonderful example this is!


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