Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Changing a project

A few posts ago I shared my Spiral Rose project based on an applique quilt pattern. After it was finished I decided it was not what I wanted so I took it all apart and have redone the front. The back will be a different fabric.
This time I went with plain color thread as opposed to variegated, running back stitch and cotton batting with no fabric on the back. I reused the pale pink fabric for the front. I like it better and am contemplating adding some other embroidery stitches into it before attaching the back.

front - above, batting back - below
I now have computer/reading glasses. Makes a huge difference to what I can see :) Hopefully this will improve my sewing skills. Certainly helps with my needle threading ability !!!!!!


  1. Carol - LOVELOVELOVE this embroidery design! Just gorgeous!
    Barbara in TN


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