Thursday, July 2, 2009

New starts and finishes

Last night I started Cirque Des Carreaux. I was originally going to do it in one color but I may switch to two or three to highlight another pattern embedded in the design. Looks like it is going to be a fun piece to stitch.

I also started Antique Roses and Strawberries BUT I do not like the fabric that came with the kit so I'm going to rip it out and start over with something different.

"Garden Prince" is finished stitching wise and just has to be made into something. The design was done for the 1999 Nashville Show and did not have a picture with it. When I did some research I found a really lovely picture of it as a small box. Turns out the design is one of Just Nan's older ones that is difficult to find so I will be holding on to the pattern. At some point I may try it in different colors.

Rose Splendor and Porlock Down are almost finished. I need to have them done before we leave for our vacation as they are going to be gifts.

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