Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LofS Christmas ornament exchange

A big, rattling box arrived in the mail a few minutes ago, all the way from Baghdad, Iraq. The very talented Rand, who does amazing embroidery on the clothing that she makes, and gets teased at work about it helping her do reconstructive surgery (or is that her sister Arwa) sent me some pretty ornaments, needles and a lot of chocolate. The candy had some adventures on the way across but survived the journey :) I will have to hide said chocolate from my son !!!!!

So I now have beautiful gifts from both Rand and her sister Arwa in my collection, and feel very blessed to be on the receiving end of their combined talent.
I'll add another photo tomorrow showing the ribbon work. It's chain stitch which I have heard about but never seen in reality before.


  1. Really nice exchange. finished so nicely too.


  2. Lovely ornament and the chain stitching around the ornament is great idea. Never seen it like that before but fantastic!



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