Friday, November 5, 2010

Project update - Fleur de Lis wall hanging

This is one of my wall hangings that I am currently embroidering. The first line of each center panel block is done. Now on to the next color which will be one of the rust/orange colors. This is going to take a while for me to work on but I am really enjoying it so far.
It currently measures 35"x35" but might get larger depending upon how I finish the outer edge.

The stitching outline looks a bit whimpy in relation to the rest of the quilt design but it will beef up as the stitching progresses :) It echoes the shape of the leaves in the fabric which I am happy about. This is my first time hand stitching on Kona fabric and it takes well to embroidery. I don't like the shredding on the outside edges of each block so will have to work out something else for next time.

My mini Christmas Stocking wall hanging that I showed in a previous posting is now finished and in the mail. I'll share when it arrives at the other end. I'm excited about who is receiving it and you'll find out why soon.
Christmas is fast approaching so I'll be putting most non - Christmas related projects to one side till after December.


  1. I like how that is looking! I know what you mean about getting the Christmas gifts made...I have been working on mine for a while and have a few more to go...better get busy!!

  2. Carol, that is beautiful! I have yet to try hand stitching anything for a quilt, other than hand applique & hand quilting. I'll have to remember that you said Kona is good. I'd love to do a few of the embroidery pieces I've seen for quilting.


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