Monday, February 21, 2011

My Creative Space

I am fortunate to have a sewing/craft room. It was my son's old bedroom. On the whole it works well for me but needs tweaking from time to time.
It's been looking, and feeling, like a disaster area since before Christmas when I dumped a whole lot of "stuff" in there due to having our two older children come for a visit.
This past week-end I decided to "have at it". My original plan was to move my very large book-case because it was difficult to get too. However as I stood there my bronchitis loaded body rebelled and I moved my work table instead :) Works a whole lot better for me and I am pleased with that.

My creative mess - Before

My creative mess - After

This configuration works a whole lot better for me AND Lucy does not get in the way when I need to get from table to sewing machine. After numerous times of running over her tail you'd think she would lie somewhere else in the room but noooooo, she has to be close to my ankles and the window.
I still have a few baskets of odds and ends to dispose of and some shelves to re-arrange.
The drawers in the corner unit hold my "in progress" cross-stitch, embroidery and quilting projects. Corner drawer, supplies for my sewing machines. The small cupboard has beads and some of my genealogy research.
The small blue basket on the table currently holds supplies for some hearts I am making.
This new arrangement gives me space for my serger and easy access to my large book-case (phew). Two of the side benefits - I can see the TV in the family room from my chair (for Castle, Bones, Mentalist), AND I found some of my SHARP scissors hidden away in a drawer that I cleaned out :)
Still to do -
paint the big book-case
re-do the smaller shelving area next to the book-case (holds fabric and other crafting supplies)
move a small book-case out so my daughter can use it.
hang the white board up
hang a large cork board for "works in progress" above the fabric shelves.
make a fabric skirt for my work table.

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  1. Isn't it great to have a craft work area? You can just close the door and walk away!


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