Thursday, February 24, 2011

A wee gift for my 100th follower

A few postings ago I indicated that I was finishing up a wee item to give as a surprise. Well here it is being happily modeled by Ms. Theadora :)

Merlin J. Phineas Alberto's pet, Deana, who can be found blogging at  will be receiving a little Iris cross-stitch kit and "A Very Merry Spring" mini pin-cushion that I made recently.
While Ms. Theadora would love to travel with them, she has important work awaiting her here :)


  1. What a wonderful gift, Carol. Deana is fortunate to have been your 100th follower, and I am sure she will enjoy the cross stitch kit and the beautiful pin cushion you made. Hope you're creating lovely things today!

  2. Very pretty piece, I'm sure she'll love it.

  3. My sweet little surprise arrived today! Love it! I don't cross stitch, but I know just the person to complete that little kit for me so I can frame it up. I added the wee cushion to my cubby of curiosities. Thanks so much!


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