Monday, July 18, 2011

A Finished project - Christmas ornament

It's getting to that time of year where I really need to be thinking about making some Christmas presents or they will never get done.
Wonder of wonders I got something finished this week-end. I have two quaker cross-stitch snowflakes left over from last year and I had been staring at them and some fabric all week.
Small 4"x4" ornament ...... but done is done. Now to tackle some more items that are in my "to be finished drawer" :)

I turned the other one into a 5"x5" pincushion. 14ct. Aida is just the right size for ready made pin holes :) (My sewing/cutting table is covered in fabric and pattern pieces for the skirt in the background that my daughter is making.)


  1. Lovely, congrats on the finishes!!!

  2. Lovely finishes. The fabric you've used looks great. I'm trying to find backing fabric for some of my finishes but don't know where to find the small patterned stuff!!!! I'll keep looking though.

  3. They're both really nice. I like them!!! And grats to you (and your daughter) for passing on your love of craft!


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