Sunday, July 10, 2011

Santa Sack Swap 2011

I am participating in a 6 month long swap hosted by Cheryll at
Our "sack" and first gifts had to be sent out at the beginning of July. I am swapping with Pat B. at I sent her a postcard while I was in Scotland.
Her package to me arrived last night and has a re-usable theme. I already have some ideas about how to re-use the "sack" :)

Hopefully my package has arrived. It also has a "loose" re-usable theme, some of which will become more apparent after Christmas :)

My "sack" looks like an envelope when it is shut and measures about 14"x14".
We are not allowed to open the packages till Christmas so I will put Pat's bag in a safe place in my sewing room.

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting this event. If you click on the link in my side bar you should be able to visit some of the other sacks over the next few days. Some of the ladies are sending their gifts monthly, others are doing it all at once.
(Don't forget to visit the next installment of Stitched Sunday. It's all about back stitch and needles.)


  1. Sounds like a great swap! What a cute idea, to do a Santa's Sack! LOL, my spell checker doesn't recognize Santa as a word, lol. Oh, geez, it tried to change it to Satan!!!! Silly thing! Hope you have fun with this swap!

  2. A Santa envelope :)
    Nice idea
    Enjoy the swap

  3. What a wonderful and different idea from Pat. She is sooo clever. This is FUN isn't it...receiving goodies in the mail!


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