Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - getting ready for the Olympics

Looks like the statues surrounding the fountain outside Buckingham Palace are already "ahead of the games". They have their own torch, laurel wreaths, and well honed athletes & swimmers already in place :)

They have already been practicing their winning flag ceremony.

Her Majesty has the best seat available with remarkable access to the sprinting events.

Enough of my whimsy, there is a lot of building work going on in Britain for the Summer 2012 Olympic games. Lots of building cranes in evidence in London and some surrounding areas. It's going to be fabulous.


  1. What great pics. They are just lovely! Hope you get to see some of the action when the time comes!

  2. Lovely pictures. Hope the sun's shining in 2012 not the weather we're having at the moment!!

  3. I would love to get back to is over 20 years since my last visit, Tracey


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