Friday, September 25, 2009

Exchange Heaven - Autumn wall hanging

This is the little wall hanging I made for the Autumn exchange at Exchange Heaven. Hopefully it has reached it's recipient by now.
The beads spell out autumn.
The cross stitch center is a pattern from DMC. I changed the colors and used regular DMC cotton instead of linen (which I don't have yet.)

Other updates - My newest project has proven to be awkward. I'm about to rip it out ..... again, and then it will be back in the "hopeful" pile. I'm going to concentrate on Cirque Des Carreaux and the LofS friendship blocks till they are finished. Most of this week has been spent doing quilt projects, some of which you can see at my other blog.


  1. Thank you ladies. I really enjoyed making it.

  2. That is a nice piece. Love your stitching!

  3. Thank you. I want to make another one for myself :)

  4. Pretty wall hanging. Congrats on your finish.

  5. Very pretty wallhanging. I enjoyed cross stitch at one time, now my eyes just want to do their own thing. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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