Friday, September 4, 2009

Update on Cirque Des Carreaux and some other projects

Gollee the fabric holes are tiny. My own fault for wanting to do a mini version :)
Before I went on vacation I got all the background squares done. Now I am filling in.
3 sections got done this week.
I'm using DMC #320 for those areas I want to be green then I'll move onto another color after that.

I'm almost finished making my swap for the Exchange Heaven group Autumn/Halloween swap. All I will say is this. It involves leaves and raffia and does not say Boo :)


  1. It looks great. I love stitching over one. It gives everything such a fine elegant look doesn't it?

  2. Thanks Gabi. I agree. I like the elegance achieved. I may be cross eyed by the time I'm finished but it will be worth it.


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