Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Babette to Missus H

Babette - Missus H. when are we going to show the lovely people my holiday pictures?
Missus H. - Soon Babette, soon.
Babette - When is soon?
Missus H. - How about on Friday?
Babette - Why not today?
Missus H. - Because I have decided to only up-date on Fridays and there is a problem with some of the pictures.
Missus H. - Some of them did not turn out and some of them are fuzzy.
Babette - Oh Missus H. I don't mind fuzzy. I still want to let the lovely people know about my holiday.
Missus H. - Okay. Would you like a spot every Friday for the next few weeks?
Babette - Oooooooh, please and can I show them my friend Bert? (Much bouncing up and down and clapping of flippers.)
Missus H. - Maybe at the end.
Babette - Missus H. I like my new spot in your sewing room. Can I show people that as well?
Missus H. - Mmmmmmm. I'll have to think about that.
Babette - Sounds like I may have to wait for a while.
Missus H. - You got that right :)

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