Monday, February 22, 2010

OWOH - giveaway received

I don't know how many of you participated in the recent OWOH event but I had a good time visiting a LOT of blogs. Tons of creativity. I entered some of the giveaways just for fun and actually won one :) "Acorn Pillow" cross-stitch kit designed by Donna Vermillion Glampa.
Thanks to Bonnie Coleman at Southern Style for this delightful gift. She also added a couple of small pin kits.


  1. Congratulations on your lovely acorn pillow prize and your quilt block is beautiful.
    Sorry you couldn't get the right colour of thread.
    Now Carol don;t laugh but I need a really important question answered..what is the american equivalent to good old mcvities plain digestive biscuits...

  2. How gorgeous, lucky you! Sorry about the blue difference, I am griping about a complete colour change of some Waterlilies and hoping I have enough of the original to finish the piece!

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm looking forward to stitching this gift up.


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