Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing Olympics

I'll be working on Cirque Des Carreaux by Ink Circles later this week (when my arm muscles are feeling a bit better).
I started my new piece Stofnest Sampler #9 on Friday. I deliberately picked something simple and in one color so when the "WOW"jaw dropping moments and "How did they do that?" moments happen I don't lose my stitching spot or count :)
AIDA 18 ct. pale blue
DMC #799 two strands over 1
Stitch count : 107 x 106


  1. A very nice pattern- it looks good all in one color.

  2. Great project for the Olympics. It will look fantastic. Love your Rosewood Manor chart too. You'll love it to stitch with variegated colors :)

  3. Your sampler looks really pretty and you will really enjoy using the variegated threads.
    I am really enjoying the olympics, even though I only get to watch the highlights as they are on while we are sleeping here. Fingers crossed the scottish curlers do well today.

  4. That is so pretty!! You're brave -- I have a small x-stitch pattern I'm dying to start stitching but wouldn't dare during the Olympics as I know I'd end up with it full of errors!

  5. This has been a fun project to work on.


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