Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Ornament - Hope - part 1&2

Part 1 - I could have stopped here since this was the original pattern "O Christmas Tree" by Angel Stitchin in JCS 2005. I saw the design at and worked out how to stitch it since I don't have the magazine. (Hopefully that does not break any copyright laws.)
Part 2 - But ...... I am expanding it to make into a small banner. I still have more stitching to do on the border and beside the word (which I let my daughter pick out from my list.) I'm contemplating using words on all my Christmas ornaments this year.

We had a fun filled week-end. Daughter #3 "Princess" turned 18 and was so excited. Big sister "Song Bird" took her out clothes shopping on Friday (snow day) and bought her an outfit. She had her party on Saturday. The girls made jewelry, decorated cupcakes and did Dance 2. She gave a talk in church yesterday about "How her family helped her learn about God." (She has a speech and comprehension delay and worked really hard on her presentation so that everyone could understand her.) Some of her friends "heart attacked" our van for her which she loved. Tonight we will be taking her out to dinner AND this tardy mom will finish the hems on the semi-formal dress I've been showing her how to make.


  1. Great stitching.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    My two oldest start turning 18 in June.... the other in October. UGH!

  2. Love the christmas tree. Hope you all had a great dinner with your DD3 and a belated happy birthday to her.

  3. Lovely! I really like the added border. I have to stitch that pattern.


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