Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mosaic Heart - part 1

I am stitching "Mosaic Heart" by DMC. The "grout lines" are done. Next step - the flowers.
I'm using 22ct. cream Hardanger, which I love and will probably stick with for a while.
2 strands of linen floss over 1.
I'm still not loving the floss because it can shred quite easily. If you miscount and try to unpick it's not a pretty sight :)


  1. What a pretty heart. It's a freebie?

  2. Looks good so far. I agree with you on the linen floss. It's not easy to work with if you have to frog. It does look good stitched up, though.

  3. Good morning, Carol. I've been browsing through your blog and am enjoying the view - A LOT. Thanks for replying to my OWOH comment and reminding me to get back here. I have recently taken up embroidery. Counted cross stitch defeats me but I love working on the preprinted patterns. I also like redwork and creating very simple (emphasis on the word simple) and small quilts.


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