Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postcard Pizzazz - cross-stitch heart

I like making fabric postcards. They typically are 4"x6" and I think they are a great way to learn different techniques. Having said that, last year I took a long, unintended break.
Here's my first one for this year which I sent to Pam C.

The heart is called "A-MAZE-ING HEART"by The Sweetheart Tree. 55wx51h stitch count.
The little card pattern cost me a whopping 40c from one of my favorite cross-stitch stores in Ohio that has closed down :(


  1. Do u stitch the receiver's snail mail addy on the other side of the postcard? Is the fabric a part of the aida and stitched Heart or is the whole card covered with fabric? I can see stitched or sewing machine around the edge of the postcard and was wondering if the whole card is fabric covered? Do u have a tutorial to make a postcard?


  2. Some lovely cross-stitch works here - I enjoyed having a look...


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